Cerulli Lodestar Distribution Terms


Access to Cerulli research without paying for that research is a VIOLATION of distribution and use terms.

  1. ONLINE ACCESS: Your subscription to Cerulli Lodestar includes access for 5 “authorized” internal employees at your firm. Additional users may be added for an annual fee of $1000 per user.

    Terms of Use:
      Cerulli Lodestar content is for use exclusively by internal employees at your firm. Cerulli Lodestar is accessed via Cerulli’s Client Login Service and is restricted to individuals officially named as “authorized” users. Authorized users may not share their login credentials with anyone internally or externally. Use by any other firm (including consultants), subsidiary, affiliate, external field force, or client is prohibited (as is reproduction in any media or company communications), except by permission. Use of any Cerulli Lodestar content must be accompanied by proper attribution to Cerulli Associates.

    Use of Cerulli material for promotional purposes (advertising, media, press releases etc.) is prohibited without prior approval.

    Adding or Changing Users:
     Access to Lodestar is through Cerulli Client Login and is limited to 5 “authorized” users at your firm. To view, change, or add users contact our account management team.

    Account Management

    +1 617-437-0084

  2. EXHIBITS: All exhibits contained in Cerulli Lodestar are available to be downloaded in Excel, PDF, or image format.

    Terms of Use: Cerulli Lodestar data is intended for use only by your firm and is limited to home office personnel (no affiliates, subsidiaries, outside salesforces, or consultants) unless previously agreed upon. Cerulli Lodestar data may not be reproduced beyond your firm. Appropriate use of this data must be accompanied by proper attribution to Cerulli Associates.
  3. CONSULTANTS: Clients using consultants are permitted only to share Cerulli research within client offices. Consultants may not receive Cerulli research electronically, view or log into online client accounts or download Cerulli files from a shared drive. Cerulli only supports clients. Consultants are not allowed to be included on client emails, phone calls or in-person meetings with Cerulli unless permission is received in advance.

    +1 617-437-0084