Kurt Cerulli founded Cerulli Associates in 1992, aiming to create the preeminent advisory resource for financial services executives.

We introduced The Cerulli Report series in 1994 with a report focusing on fee-only financial advisors. The series has grown to cover a broad range of U.S. and international financial industry topics. From the start, we have based our reports on our extensive interactions with industry executives and our proprietary databases.

Since our inception we have released more than 300 of these large-scale reports, the majority of which are released annually.

Cerulli Timeline & Milestones

The introduction of The Cerulli Edge in 1997 was another milestone in our history. The publication was an immediate success and has since expanded into a family of eleven distinct editions.

In 2013, we launched Cerulli Lodestar, an interactive data platform, on which firms can manipulate Cerulli data by filtering it for specific and highly customized analyses.

We continue to update and refine all of our products and services based on the needs of our clients.

Our repeatable, two-pronged proprietary research process (interviews and surveys) serves as the foundation of our published research and consulting services, and provides our clients with the context, intelligence, and key implications to navigate the market environments of today and tomorrow. Our consistent methodology continuously results in research and guidance of unmatched quality.