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Kurt Cerulli founded Cerulli Associates in 1992 with the goal of creating the preeminent advisory resource for financial services executives. From the beginning, the firm has focused solely on financial services assignments and research.

The Cerulli Report™ series was introduced in 1994. This first Thematic report focused on banks. The series has been greatly expanded to cover a broad range of U.S. and international financial industry topics. These reports are based on our extensive interactions with industry executives and our proprietary databases.

Since our inception we have released more than 250 of these large-scale, 200+ page reports. We now offer three types of reports; 1) periodic  Thematic Reports 2) subscription-based annual Quantitative Updates and  3) periodic Special Reports (both thermatic and quantiative).

Another milestone for the firm came in 1997, with the introduction of our subscription-based themed monthly research publication The Cerulli Edge™. The publication was an immediate success with financial services executives and has since grown into a family of eleven periodicals.

We continue to update and refine all of our products and services based on client demand.