Daily Metrics

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What are Daily Metrics?

Daily Metrics is one our most popular services.  They are daily emails containing recent research and analysis that we send to qualifying customers for free.

Why are Daily Metrics valuable?

The content in Daily Metrics varies each day. Content spans the breadth of all Cerulli research publications and practices. Our goal in providing these to our clients is to give them regular insight into industry trends and to help them be aware of analysis and research that is available to them. These are free and you will be provided with access to research that your firm has not paid for.

Who can receive Daily Metrics?

Only firms that meet an annual spend limit receive Daily Metrics. These are sent to anyone at your firm who is on our current distribution list. If you would like to add anyone to the list to receive these emails, please let us know.

How do I Opt-out of receiving these Daily Metrics?

If you would like to opt-out of receiving these daily emails, please contact Account Management at +1 617-437-0084, info@cerulli.com.