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The Cerulli Edge™ is our unique suite of eleven periodicals that provide our clients with ongoing access to our latest analysis and research on topics of interest to them. Along with these publications, subscribers receive quarterly an updated index of topics covered and a complete glossary of relevant terminology. The publications, index, and glossary are also available  here as well as in Client Login.

Cerulli Edge Editions

The U.S. Asset Management Edition is our monthly research publication focusing broadly on key U.S. financial services industry trends and topics. Each issue is devoted to a different theme, providing our clients with current access to a broad range of our insights and analysis of topics related to product development and strategy, distribution, pricing, and market segmentation.

The U.S. Monthly Product Trends Edition provides regular and ongoing coverage of mutual funds and ETFs through the lens of retail third-party distribution in the U.S. It will monitor AUM and flows across all asset classes as well as offer insights and commentary on product trends.

The Global Edition offers an integrated view of asset management around the world by honing in on the trends, data, and strategies relevant to specially chosen monthly themes. This 24-page publication also periodically covers topics of particular interest under a Special Report segment.

The Managed Accounts Edition is our quarterly review of topics and statistics related to the managed accounts business. The first half of each issue includes a qualitative discussion of a relevant theme, while the second half of the issue is devoted to a broad quantitative assessment of the managed accounts business showcasing key data and industry benchmarks pulled from our vast proprietary database.

The Advisor Edition is our quarterly research publication written specifically for financial advisors built on our expanding intermediary research engine. Each issue contains a thematic discussion of topics shaping the industry, including a range of market statistics drawn from ongoing interviews and surveys with thousands of financial advisors and industry executives across all intermediary channels.

The Institutional Edition This new publication covers key trends impacting the institutional marketplace, which includes private and public pensions (DB and DC), endowments, foundations, insurance general accounts, and subadvisory. Each issue addresses topics critical to key institutional stakeholders, including asset managers, investment consultants, plan sponsors, and investment committees. Additionally, each issue contains a quantitative section dedicated to the latest institutional data and analyses. Topics covered include CIO outsourcing; use of alternative investments among institutions; risk bucketing; RFP teams; different investment vehicles such as CTFs; and emerging product trends. 

The Asia-Pacific Edition is our quarterly publication that covers Australia and the primary seven fund management marketplaces of Asia: Japan—by far the largest, and with its own set of challenges and opportunities—as well as China, the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, Korea, India, Taiwan, and Singapore. These changes will meet client’s increasing demands for the timeliest information regarding regulatory changes and trend shifts in asset management marketplaces in this vibrant part of the world.

The Asian Monthly Product Trends Edition is our monthly publication that provides ongoing coverage of local and cross-border mutual funds and ETFs across the major Asian asset management markets. While monitoring AUM and flows across key asset classes, sectors, and markets, this new publication also provides unique insight and analysis from Cerulli analysts on regional product trends. 

The Retirement Edition covers key trends impacting the U.S. retirement marketplace (public and private defined contribution and defined benefit, IRA, rollover, and non-qualified plans). It addresses topics critical to firms competing for retirement dollars including: asset managers, distributors, plan providers, and third-party vendors. Future themes will range from retirement income to pension asset management and investment vehicles. Content includes both qualitative insight and proprietary data garnered from a quarterly survey of firms across the industry. This publication delivers the most timely retirement-related research and industry trends.

The Europe Edition explores the major themes and trends in the European asset management industry. With this publication, asset managers will be able to compare trends across Europe's major markets, examine key distribution data for these countries, and apply insights to product sales strategies. Coverage includes the major markets in Europe. Each issue contains a quantitative section dedicated to relevant metrics and analyses.

The European Product Trends Edition provides regular and ongoing coverage of local and crossborder mutual funds and ETFs across the major European asset management markets. This publication monitors AUM and flows across key asset classes, sectors, and markets. It also includes unique insight and analysis from Cerulli analysts on regional product trends. 

Cerulli Edge Resources

We are pleased to provide our subscribers with two resources that make The Cerulli Edge™ series more accessible and useful for your strategic and research needs.

The Cerulli Edge Index: This document provides an easy means of searching individual issues for topics, making the publications a better source for timely industry information. This document contains an updated index of all topics, themes, and article titles contained in each of the eleven editions of The Cerulli Edge™.

The Cerulli Edge Glossary of Terms is a 10 page document containing our definitions of key terms used frequently across the markets we cover.

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