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Cerulli Research Initiatives Overview

Participate and Receive Free Research

Cerulli Research Initiatives consist of confidential interviews and surveys focusing on asset management and distribution trends in the financial services industry around the globe. Research interviews (conducted by Cerulli analysts) generally last 30 minutes to one hour. Our surveys typically range from 10-30 quantitative and qualitative questions. Participants are compensated through deliverables such as related research, findings, or benchmarking reports.

Who Can Participate

Generally, participants are in a strategy role at their firm. Firms tend to include:


Benefits of Participating

Participation benefits vary depending on the topic and length of the initiative and may include the following:

Key Findings

All research call participants and some survey participants will receive complimentary key findings from the related research report. These comprise of select exhibits, which may include explanations and key implications.


Custom Benchmarking

Within a few weeks after the survey closes, participants will receive a report highlighting their firm’s responses relative to the survey universe. This analysis is useful for strategic planning and decision-making.


Complimentary Research

Participants may receive research relevant to the survey topic immediately upon completion of the survey.


Access to Cerulli Analysts

All research participants enjoy direct access to Cerulli analysts to discuss research findings.


How will Cerulli Use Your Data?

All responses are aggregated to protect the anonymity of specific firms and respondents. Data collected is used across all Cerulli publicationsCerulli Lodestar and consulting projects.