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Simplified Data Collection, Improved Insights

The Money Management Institute (MMI) and Cerulli Associates have partnered to generate unmatched insights and thought leadership for the benefit of advisory solutions industry constituents. Together, Cerulli and MMI will provide an enhanced view and understanding of the major trends at work in the advisory solutions marketplace by simplifying the collection and distribution of investment advisory data.

MMI-Cerulli Advisory Solutions Data Platform Overview

This subscription captures 10 years of Cerulli and MMI research from managed accounts program sponsors and asset managers, including data tracked on a quarterly basis from more than 200 individual managed account programs. The MMI/Cerulli data collection and quarterly managed accounts surveys are the industry’s most reliable source for benchmarking data, market sizing, and trend analysis.



Benefits of the MMI-Cerulli Partnership:

  • Participants can now report and receive the quarterly global insights and perspectives through a single point of access.
  • The insights will offer an in-depth overview of the investment advisory solutions marketplace, complete with an updated look and feel.
  • MMI and Cerulli have also agreed to explore expanding the combined data set to include information about sustainable and ESG investing, deeper coverage of alternative investments, and more detailed data on specific distribution channels.
  • The two organizations will form a council of industry leaders to drive future expansion of the data set, provide guidance on key terminology, and monitor the accuracy of the data.