What is Cerulli Lodestar?

Cerulli Lodestar is a unique offering of dynamic charts and visual displays that quickly allows users to answer important questions by interacting with custom filters. It provides unparalleled access to data that goes far beyond what's available in Cerulli publications. It’s the same tool that our analysts use to create charts and data for Cerulli publications.

Annual Subscriptions Include:

  • Unlimited online access
  • Real-time data
  • Analyst support
  • Tablet compatibility
  • Export data into Excel, PDF, and image formats

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Banks: Fiduciary Assets

This subscription features data from the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC). It provides a breakdown of all bank fiduciary business lines, including defined benefit, defined contribution, other retirement assets, corporate trust, agency accounts, personal trust, endowments and foundations, and other fiduciary assets.


This subscription focuses on the distribution of retail asset management products through financial advisors. Data comes from proprietary surveys delivered to advisors, wholesalers, sales managers, and asset managers. Cerulli’s advisor survey is the industry’s largest and longest running, covering thousands of advisors annually across all channels.
Data includes advisor sizing (headcount and assets under management), salesforce management, channelized metrics, wholesaler metrics, advisor productivity, and broker/dealer metrics.

Investment Product Trends

This subscription is based on the Investment Company Institute database and provides analysis of the fund marketplace (mutual, closed end, money market, exchangetraded, unit investment trust), including assets, flows, sales, and categories. Using Cerulli’s filters, this subscription allows you to identify granular information related to investment objective, flows, redemptions, new sales, time series (month, year, quarter), new fund launches, growth rates, turnover rates, sales method, and historical trends. In addition, it contains detailed analysis of fund use within defined contribution plans and IRAs.

Managed Accounts

This subscription captures more than 20 years of Cerulli research from managed accounts program sponsors and asset managers, including data tracked on a quarterly basis from more than 200 individual managed account programs. Cerulli’s quarterly managed accounts surveys are the industry’s longest running and most reliable source for benchmarking data, market sizing, and trend analysis.

Data includes asset distribution growth by program type; asset class breakdown; average account sizes within channels; analysis of fees, participation rates, number of accounts by channel; and the ability to alter managed account industry projections through 2018 by adjusting assumptions.

Retail Investor

The Household Balance Sheet module is derived from the Federal Reserve’s Survey of Consumer Finances. Data is collected from a tri-annual survey of U.S. households conducted in partnership with the University of Chicago, dating back to 1995. This module includes Cerulli's proprietary annual projections across the Household Balance Sheet.

The data provides an in-depth perspective on household balance sheets across all wealth tiers, including Cerulli’s proprietary wealth tiers, which segment investor households by investable assets and net worth. Metrics covered include households’ net worth, specific asset types, and products used.


This subscription provides access to proprietary survey data of defined contribution (DC) plan sponsors and plan participants, as well as access to Form 5500 Series data reported to the U.S. Department of Labor. Data includes 401(k) plan segmentation by assets and participants, participant segmentation by type (active/retired/separated), and overall market sizing and
projections. DC plan sponsor and plan participant survey data complement information sourced from the Form 5500 by offering insights into plan sponsor and plan participant behavior and decision-making analysis.