Cerulli Lodestar: Retirement

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Retirement Overview

This subscription provides access to proprietary survey data of defined contribution (DC) plan sponsors and plan participants, as well as access to Form 5500 Series data reported to the U.S. Department of Labor. Data includes 401(k) plan segmentation by assets and participants, participant segmentation by type (active/retired/separated), and overall market sizing and projections. DC plan sponsor and plan participant survey data complement information sourced from the Form 5500 by offering insights into plan sponsor and plan participant behavior and decision-making analysis.

Reasons To Purchase:
  • Analyze the 401(k) market with state and industry level segmentation
  • Build segmentation analysis specific to your firm's target markets
  • Compare state level 401(k) plan assets and participants
  • Customize Cerulli‚Äôs DC market projections based on your own assumptions
  • Identify top 401(k) plan sponsors and plan administrator contact information
  • Utilize "Territory Builder" tool to allocate sales coverage of the U.S. 401(k) market
Modules Description
The DC Market Allows users to analyze assets, plans, total participants, contributions, and distributions within the 401(k) market as well as review projections for assets, plan size, participants, and contributions.
401(k) Participant Behavior Examines participant profile, participant action, previous 401(k) account, education and communication, and retirement income market data.
401(k) Plan Sponsor Analyzes proprietary data covering defined contribution plan management, recordkeepers, investment options, and goals and challenges.
Retirement Mutual Fund Data Allows examination of retirement mutual fund assets and mutual fund flows by retirement segment, plan type, asset class, and method of sales.
401(k) Plan Level Analysis Allows users to view contact information for more than 500,000 401(k) plans, including a side-by-side state plan comparison by number of plans, assets, and participants; create customizable leaderboards by state and city using plan asset and participant segments and construct 401(k) market sales coverage by segment.
Appendix Provides an overview of the methodology used to gather data within this subscription, definitions for the terms used, description of participant retirement profiles, and a table that explains the frequency of data updates for this subscription.