European Exchange-Traded Funds 2020: Adding Variety to Low Costs and Transparency

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The report features in-depth analysis of the evolution of the European exchange-traded fund (ETF) industry and emerging trends in the main markets across Europe. The publication identifies key industry trends, examines ETF providers’ product development activity, and outlines current and expected demand across retail and institutional channels such as private banks and wealth managers, independent financial advisors (IFAs), pension funds, and insurers. It shows how players can capitalize on growing interest from investors in this domain. The report provides insight into the barriers to the growth of ETFs, in-depth coverage of ETF demand and product development efforts, and analysis of ETF distribution challenges and opportunities.

Our research covers seven key markets: the U.K., Germany, Italy, Switzerland, France, Spain, and Sweden. ETF providers and asset managers interested in understanding investors’ appetite for different types of ETFs (e.g., passive, smart beta, thematic, and environmental, social, and governance ETFs) and the expected rate of growth in the main European fund markets will gain insights from this work, which examines in detail the key trends in this growing space.

Reasons To Purchase:
  • Learn which ETF strategies will see the most demand in the different European countries
  • Understand how ETF providers are approaching product development practices and the opportunities that exist in this space
  • Analyze how private banks, independent wealth managers (IWMs), and IFAs are using ETFs and what level of growth they anticipate for passive, smart beta, and actively managed ETFs
  • Review how demand for ESG and thematic ETFs is evolving and what strategies will experience the most demand in Europe
  • Gain insight into which distribution channels offer the best opportunities in each of the seven major European markets
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