Asset Management in Switzerland 2019: Achieving Success in a Growing Asset Management Market

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This one-time report builds on Cerulli’s body of research, examining the rapid and fundamental changes in Switzerland’s asset management industry. In this report, Cerulli has sought answers to a series of key questions: Which distribution channels offer the best opportunities in Switzerland? How are the country’s retail and institutional segments evolving? How should managers shape their business strategy for the Swiss market? How is the private banking sector evolving in light of the changing industry landscape?

Reasons To Purchase:
  • In-depth research into the country’s private banking sector and its evolution
  • Proprietary subadvisory data and qualitative analysis
  • An examination of the use of ETFs and analysis of the main trends in the ETF space
  • A comprehensive outline of current distribution trends in the country
  • An assessment of the role of alternative investments in Switzerland
  • Analysis of pension fund investment trends
  • Detailed insights into developments in the insurance sector
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