European Environmental, Social, and Governance Investing 2019: Setting Standards and Enhancing Integration

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This is the first Cerulli report dedicated to the topic of environmental, social, and governance (ESG) investing in Europe. It defines what constitutes an ESG investing framework and analyzes the various ways that European asset managers, private banks, and asset owners are incorporating ESG into their investment decision-making from both a product and process standpoint.

In addition to mapping the European responsible investment (RI) landscape, the report looks at ESG integration in traditional and alternative investment strategies. It evaluates client demand for ESG and the factors driving retail and institutional investors’ increasing use of ESG strategies. It also assesses approaches to RI and key hurdles for integrating ESG at the strategic asset allocation level. In addition, the report examines how ESG data and data providers help asset managers and asset owners to evaluate companies’ corporate purpose, strategy, and management quality.

Reasons To Purchase:
  • Review institutional and retail market sizing, and historical growth within the ESG product universe, painting a picture of RI demand by product, market, and investor type
  • Understand how institutional and retail investors are using ESG data and service providers to enhance analyses and frameworks
  • Recognize how ESG integration and active ownership initiatives are being applied across asset classes and how this is likely to evolve in the near future
  • Explore the assessment processes necessary for managers’ RI frameworks to be fit for purpose and areas where asset managers may be able to differentiate themselves from their competitors
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