Asian Retirement Markets 2019: Eyeing the Golden Nest Egg

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This is a special report that assesses the Asia-Pacific retirement segment in Australia, Japan, and the North Asian and Southeast Asian markets. As the region’s population ages rapidly, Asia holds plenty of opportunities for asset managers to help fill the retirement income gap, through offering unique propositions to pension funds or retail investors.

This report examines the current retirement situation in each market from both the retail and institutional perspectives, as well as the regulatory developments within the individual markets. It also covers commonly used, emerging, and potential retirement products, which asset managers can tap for opportunities. Challenges in entering the pensions sector and methods to overcome them are also addressed. In addition, there is a regional ranking table, which assesses the opportunities available to foreign managers in each market.

Data from this report is assembled using Cerulli’s proprietary surveys and third-party sources. In addition, Cerulli held almost 100 research meetings and conference calls with institutional and retail asset managers and pension funds, as well as regulators and associations in Greater China, Korea, Singapore, and Southeast Asia.

Reasons To Purchase:
  • Explore the key investment themes pension funds are looking at to improve their yields
  • Understand the challenges in getting mandates from pension funds and securing retail interest in retirement products, as well as how to overcome them
  • Analyze pension reforms and new initiatives by regulators, asset managers, and distributors to promote retirement investing
  • Review current, emerging, and potential retirement products that present opportunities for asset managers
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