U.S. Asset Allocation Model Portfolios 2018

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As asset managers have begun to feel swelling pressure from the expansion of lower-cost pooled investment options, many have developed a newly found reverence for the importance of their intellectual capital in the arena of asset allocation. Instead of allowing their products to become commoditized ingredients used by advisors, managers are increasingly embracing the role as developers of recipes that feature their proprietary strategies as key ingredients. The goal of this report is to assist a variety of stakeholders in the asset allocation model segment to assess their own current position and develop strategic goals and plans to achieve them.

The report features insight from more than 50 interviews, as well as data from three proprietary surveys of advisors, model providers, and platforms.

Reasons To Purchase:
  • Analyze the state of model adoption, including the current and optimal distribution of model users and key recommendations for progressing toward optimal use
  • Gain insight into the role that asset allocation model portfolios play in advisors’ portfolio construction process
  • Review a categorization of model providers, including distinctions between third-party strategists and multi-line asset managers
  • Identify the factors that affect asset managers’ and other model providers’ target markets and strategic objectives to design their optimal offering and identify access points
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