European Insurance Industry 2019: Uncovering Outsourcing Opportunities

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In its sixth iteration, this report provides thorough analysis of Europe’s insurance asset management landscape. It outlines the kinds of products and services that will help managers to win insurance business in Europe and the anticipated changes and emerging trends in asset management outsourcing. It explains where, and how, insurers are outsourcing asset management and how their current habits are expected to develop. The report also provides deep and detailed analysis of the unit-linked insurance industry, including market growth projections, distribution channels, and insurers’ estimated allocations to passive and semi-passive vehicles. We also examine insurers’ approaches to responsible investment (RI) in one of the three thematic chapters of this report. We provide in-depth insight into European insurers’ attitudes to RI, how they integrate environmental, social, and governance (ESG) factors into different asset classes, and what support and services they seek from external managers.

This report features data from two proprietary Cerulli surveys. One of which is the European Insurance Asset Manager Survey, completed in the fourth quarter of 2018, which covers a total of more than €1.6 trillion (US$2.3 trillion) in European insurance assets under management. The other survey is the European Insurance Company Survey, completed in January and February 2019, which covers 55 insurers across the UK, Switzerland, Germany, and France holding a total of more than €4 trillion in European investment assets.

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  • Review the growth path of general account assets addressable to third-party managers as the industry continues to consolidate and insurers continue to search for expertise that firms do not have in-house
  • Gain insight into the growing importance of ESG integration among both insurers and asset managers as clear trends increasingly emerge
  • Learn about the opportunities that arise from the growing unit-linked insurance industry in Europe, and expectations for firms to gain marketshare in the unit-linked space
  • Understand the outlook and implications for passive investments in the European insurance industry
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