Ten Themes to Shape (and Shake Up) Asian Asset Management Over the Next Ten Years

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This one-time report aims to help managers chart the next course of action amid changes on multiple fronts in Asia. The key factors that are seen influencing the Asian asset management industry in the years to come include technological disruption, the rise of passive investing, and fee pressures. Changing investor demographics and preferences are also acting as key agents in re-shaping the asset management industry. Apart from this, China’s increased pace of liberalization will further position it as a global player, a phenomenon that managers cannot afford to disregard in their Asia business plans.

Data from this report is compiled from surveys of distributors and managers across Asia. Nearly 190 research meetings were conducted with asset managers, distributors, fund associations, regulators, consultants, and institutional investors in the region.

Reasons To Purchase:
  • Understand digital developments in the Asian fund industry, the potential to use new technologies in product structuring and investment processes, and the impact of these on Asia’s bank-dominated distribution landscape
  • Examine China’s regulatory developments, opportunities in the retail segment amid the rising high-net-worth individual population, and the potential for tapping institutional opportunities following pension reforms
  • Gain insight into opportunities and challenges in the retirement segment
  • Explore the potential for passives in Asia’s commission-driven distribution landscape and the demand drivers for exchange-traded funds as well as smart beta products
  • Examine the role of alternatives and multi-asset products in investors’ portfolios
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