European Fund Fee Analysis

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This report examines the current state of fees within the European fund marketplace, including profitability, risks, opportunities, and regulatory concerns facing active managers as they build (or consider building) low-cost strategies. Coverage includes active exchange-traded funds (ETFs), low-cost active funds, and enhanced indexing funds. Analysis of the largest funds and providers in the three different product segments provides insight into which managers are best poised for the next phase of product development. This report also includes examples of initiatives taken by managers to implement a low-cost fund strategy.

Reasons To Purchase:
  • Identify dynamics driving fund fee pricing and predict future movements
  • Evaluate the growth of passive management
  • Assess the profitability of active management compared to the rest of the marketplace
  • Determine which managers are well positioned in each product segment to achieve the highest returns now and in the future
  • Benefit from Cerulli‚Äôs predictions on pricing developments
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