Family Offices and Distribution: Opportunities for Asset Managers

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This report examines the distribution of asset management products to family offices. In addition to defining and sizing this traditionally secretive channel (by number of firms and assets), this report examines how family offices vet third-party managers, including case studies of select firms and the consultants who assist them. It also addresses the products family offices are using and provides insight for asset management contemplating product development for this channel. The report also examines asset manager practices such as organizational structure and sales processes. Also included is a roadmap for firms to succeed at selling into this unique channel.

Reasons To Purchase:
  • Understand the market size and dynamics of this channel
  • Establish optimal organization structure and sales process to capture assets
  • Assess the degree to which these firms offer open-architecture solutions, including their use of third-party managers
  • Examine how pooled funds are being used, and what the unique opportunity is for asset managers within these products
  • Gauge how important customization is in developing products for this channel
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