Retail Product Marketing and Sales Organizations

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This unique sourcebook helps marketing and sales organizations benchmark their structure, activities, and staffing relative to their peers, and provides in-depth insight into how retail asset management marketing and sales group work together to implement their strategies. It focuses on three key areas: the retail sales organization including RFP teams, the retail marketing organization, and the tactical execution of the marketing and sales plan and message through branding, advertising, websites, CRM integration, and social media.

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  • About a third of firms plan to hire for team leader or database administrator roles and no firms expect to decrease staff within the RFP group.
  • Two-thirds of marketers find investment education to be highly effective with advisors, while only 36% of wholesalers do.
  • Most asset managers plan to increase advertising through the internet and trade print, while more than 75% are not advertising at all through traditional outlets like television and radio.
  • 70% of managers intend to develop mobile applications to provide advisors access to everything from account balance information to market commentary.
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