Retail Investor Provider Relationships

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This subscription-based report focuses on the relationships retail investors have with their financial services providers. Developed in partnership with Phoenix Marketing International, which distributes the industry’s largest survey to affluent households in circulation today, this report provides firms with a turnkey solution for understanding how and why investors choose their financial services providers. The report includes an analysis of key investor relationship trends that will most impact financial services providers in the future. It also contains a model that illustrates the needs and concerns of investors as they approach and enter retirement.

Reasons To Purchase:
  • Identify and size the pool of retail investor assets that are most addressable
  • Evaluate the perception that retail investors have of their financial services providers
  • Compare product and service offerings to those investors value most
  • Measure factors used by investors to select providers
  • Examine client retention strategies
  • Understand investors’ willingness to pay for advice
  • Develop client acquisition strategies
  • Determine investors’ greatest concerns and how to address them
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