The State of the Rollover and Retirement Income Markets: Sizing Segmentation and Addressability

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This report examines the state of the IRA rollover marketplace, combined with a comprehensive update on the retirement income market and its importance in a rollover and DC asset retention strategy. It includes an indepth sizing of both markets, with comprehensive segmentation and granular views by distribution method, advice orientation, age, investable assets, and net worth. This report is a necessary resource for any firm seeking a better understanding and reliable sizings and insight related to the Baby Boomer generation, and the impact their impending retirements will have on the retirement marketplace.

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  • Advisory services extending from portfolio management to income planning will be an emerging differentiator and a central means for gaining rollover assets.
  • The total of all IRA types (traditional and nontraditional) reached US$4.7 trillion in 2010, representing a 10% growth from the prior year.
  • Cerulli estimates that there are approximately US$11.5 trillion in Retirement Income Opportunity (RIO) households.
  • Most advisors (73%) expect practice revenue to increase as more clients seek income advice.
  • When it comes to distributing retirement income products, most providers view advisors as the optimal channel. However, firms should take note that the direct channel is growing quicker than previously thought, and is also larger than previously thought.
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