State of Large and Mega Defined Contribution Plans: Investment Innovation and the Plan Sponsor Perspective 2012

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This report examines the new ideas and products that have been developed for defined contribution (DC) plans in the large and mega segments (Large = $250 million to $1 billion, Mega = $1 billion +). It includes analysis of plan sponsors’ perspective of their DC plans and the likelihood of implementing new plan designs. The report provides asset managers, recordkeepers, and consultants with a window into plan sponsor thinking via a proprietary survey administered to more than 250 plan sponsors that fall in the large and mega segment. Other data contained in this report comes from surveys of DCIO asset managers. More than 30 conversations with executives at recordkeepers, investment consultants, and asset managers support the data and findings.

Reasons To Purchase:
  • Analysis of new product ideas that asset managers are developing specifically for the DC marketplace, including an examination of retail versus institutional products (collective trust funds), stable value funds, and custom target-date funds.
  • Asset manager organizational analysis which allows firms to benchmark their own structures relative to industry best practices.
  • Comprehensive market sizing, including data validating growth opportunities for asset managers in the 403(b) and public segments.
  • Prospects for alternative investments in the large and mega DC space.
  • Robust DC plan sponsor survey data that identifies key elements in their decision-making processes, including expectations for plan design and investment changes.
  • The potential for CIO outsourcing in the defined contribution market and implications for asset managers and consultants.
  • Unique market sizing of the custom target-date marketplace, including projections.
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