Trends in the Latin American Private Client Marketplace 2012

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This report, produced in conjunction with Latin Asset Management (, analyzes how robust wealth generation in Latin America is driving demand for asset management products and services. It addresses how the distribution landscape has been altered by strong local economies and provides a strategic roadmap for global mutual fund managers to take advantages of trends in the region. Coverage includes crossborder mutual fund distribution to affluent residents, market sizing of high-net-worth investors, evolving product demands, and the state of the political and economic landscape in the various Latin countries. Global managers face new challenges in order to remain relevant vis-à-vis local providers, due to favorable local economies in some countries. This report illuminates opportunities for global firms to access the affluent marketplace on a country-by-country basis.

Reasons To Purchase:
  • Country-specific analysis and advice
  • Difficult-to-obtain analysis of a very sensitive marketplace developed through longterm coverage (11-year partnership between Latin Asset Management and Cerulli Associates) and credibility with professionals in this region
  • Effective strategies for building distribution within the region
  • Evolving product demands and investing behaviors of wealthy Latin Americans
  • Ideas for fund distribution via in-country avenues versus through large broker/dealers
  • Insight into financial advisors who focus exclusively with offshore products sold to Latin American private clients
  • Realities for crossborder fund distribution
  • Unique and comprehensive market sizing of private client investors, distributors, and crossborder asset managers
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