U.S. Retail Product Marketing and Sales Organizations 2012: Maximizing Distribution Success with an Effective Sales and Marketing Strategy

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It its fifth iteration, this sourcebook helps marketing and sales organizations benchmark their structure, activities, and staffing relative to their peers, and provides in-depth insight into how retail asset management marketing and sales groups work together to implement their strategies. The report focuses on the retail marketing and sales organizations, including structure, staffing, budgets, branding, advertising, websites, social media, wholesaling trends, and RFPs. Additionally, the report explores four themes: building a marketing organization that outmaneuvers the competition, marketing’s major initiatives, digital marketing with an emphasis on mobile applications, and marketing and sales in the U.S. asset management landscape. Data included in this report is compiled from seven proprietary surveys: 1) retail marketing organization survey of marketing managers; 2) retail sales organizations survey of national sales managers; 3) wholesaler survey of external wholesalers in partnership with Sequoia Systems and the Investment Management Consultants Association; 4) divisional sales manager survey in partnership with Sequoia Systems; 5) social media and digital strategy survey; 6) RFP teams and processes survey; and 7) an advisor survey.

Reasons To Purchase:
  • Benchmark your firm’s website and other technology-based marketing plans
  • Evaluate optimal RFP structures with suggestions for streamlined processes
  • Examine asset managers' plans for advertising and branding initiatives
  • Understand current trends in social media strategies
  • Validate current staffing levels and proposals for new hires
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