Retail Investor Advice Relationships 2012: Meeting Investor Needs Post-Crisis

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This report, in its third iteration, provides insight into the relationship between financial providers and retail investors. It covers the provider-client relationship from end to end, starting with client acquisition, progressing through advice delivery, investment management, and pricing and client retention strategies, among other topics. In addition, the report includes a sizing of the retail investor marketplace by channel and product, as well as investor sentiment survey findings, to help firms identify client acquisition and product distribution opportunities. This report is the outcome of a partnership between Cerulli Associates and Phoenix Marketing International. Data included in this report is compiled from a Global Wealth Monitor proprietary survey in partnership with Phoenix Marketing.

Reasons To Purchase:
  • Analyze how advisors use digital communication (social media, websites) to interact with clients
  • Create thoughtful client segmentation and understand which types of firms compete for which clients
  • Determine trends in client relationships to create service strategies and marketing strategies for advisors/representatives
  • Pinpoint sources of client satisfaction and dissatisfaction with their providers
  • Review how firms create and communicate value propositions
  • Track investor sentiment about topics such as risk tolerance, wallet share, fees, trust in providers and advisors, and retirement
  • Understand the addressable market of investors, including channel sizing and product sizing
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