U.S. Product Marketing and Sales Organizations 2013: Supporting Distribution with a Multi-Faceted Marketing Plan

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In its sixth iteration, this annual report examines asset managers’ marketing and distribution organizations’ strategies. This sourcebook helps marketing and sales organizations benchmark their structure, activities, and staffing relative to their peers. It also provides insight into how asset management marketing and sales groups work together to implement a wide range of strategies. This report focuses on three key areas: the marketing organization and its content and program, the sales organization and distribution strategy, and the tactical execution of marketing and sales initiatives through branding, advertising, websites, and social media.

Reasons To Purchase:
  • Benchmark marketing and sales personnel while monitoring new hiring trends
  • Analyze how the competition is using social media
  • Examine shifts in channel focus and wholesaling business
  • Measure your firm’s technology-based marketing plans and initiatives
  • Understand how firms are communicating their story across multiple media outlets
  • Review how competitors are allocating resources among various initiatives
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