Insurance General Accounts: Opportunities in an Underserved Market

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Insurance companies oversee trillions of dollars of assets in their investment portfolios. Insurance chief investment officers are increasingly allocating a portion of those assets to third-party institutional managers as low interest rates and regulatory constraints put pressure on insurers to achieve adequate returns on invested capital (all within strict risk budgets). As insurers seek to maximize yield and total return, they are reaching out to outside asset managers with specialties in asset classes where they lack expertise, or targeting best-of-breed managers in specialized searches.

This report helps asset managers, investment consultants, and other firms understand and evaluate insurance general accounts, an underserved segment of institutional asset management. It examines why proficiency in the key areas, such as risk management, investment strategy design, and asset allocation, are critical to winning business.

Data comes from a survey of insurance asset managers and investment consultants overseeing $1.2 trillion in insurance assets representing a majority of outsourced insurance general accounts assets under management.

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  • Evaluate the use of alternatives, ETFs, derivatives, and multi-asset class strategies in insurance investment portfolios
  • Identify areas where external managers and consultants can add value
  • Examine the challenges insurance companies face, and the specialized nature of managing insurance general account assets
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