Asian Insurance Industry: Rethinking Investment Strategies

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This report examines the opportunities for asset managers in the life insurance segment across Asia ex-Japan’s largest markets: China, Taiwan, Korea, Hong Kong, and Singapore. It looks at the dual roles of Asian insurers as institutional investors and retail fund platforms for investment-linked products. It provides insights into Asian insurers’ investment strategies, behaviors, and activities in outsourcing general account assets to third-party managers as they seek better returns amid a difficult investment environment. The report also discusses the requirements and processes insurers adopt when serving as gatekeepers of investment-linked product platforms. Asset managers will gain insights into working with Asian insurers by understanding their unique investment needs and learning about best practices from their peers’ experiences.

Reasons To Purchase:
  • Understand investment trends of Asian life insurers and their processes for outsourcing mandates and funds
  • Assess market potential and target opportunities in the investment-linked space
  • Evaluate the viability of various types of mandates from Asian insurers and providing underlying funds for investment-linked products
  • Learn how asset managers are positioning themselves to win business from the insurance sector
  • Benchmark business via competitive analysis
  • Understand and identify outsourcing trends
  • Learn the strategies of insurers to achieve better returns
  • Identify life insurance markets where there will be potential demand for their services
  • Find out how they can position their services to tap the opportunities in the life insurance segment
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