Asia Marketing and Sales Organizations: Customizing Strategies for Local Markets

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This report provides an in-depth analysis of the distribution and marketing strategies of Asian asset managers, and how they use third-party intermediaries to promote their products. It covers the asset management industry in Asia, excluding Japan and Australia. It also evaluates sales and marketing tactics of managers as well as distributors and retail investors. This report explores distribution trends, internal resources, digital media, advertising, and branding. The main topics are Pan-Asian marketing, catering to local investor demand, and digital media, supported with case studies and advertising illustrations from specific firms.

Reasons To Purchase:
  • Evaluate the viability of a regional sales and marketing approach
  • Understand current advertising trends and benchmarking your firm’s marketing techniques against competitors’ strategies
  • Identify effective ways to build a strong brand
  • Learn what sales and marketing campaigns resonate with distributors and retail investors
  • Explore the potential of digital media
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