U.S. Products and Strategies 2016: Identifying Opportunities for Active Management

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In its ninth iteration, this annual report examines the complex U.S. product landscape for institutional and retail channels across all strategies and vehicles. The research explores how active managers can remain competitive and protect against the broader investor shift toward passive products, and how industry dynamics will impact the future of the mutual fund. Additionally, the report lays out expectations for fees and share class pricing, financial advisors’ plans for portfolio construction, plans for future innovation, and best practices for the product organizational structure for large and small/medium-sized firms.

Reasons To Purchase:
  • Recognize tactics for active managers to compete with the rise in passive investing
  • Comprehend how current trends in the industry will impact the future of the mutual fund
  • Understand financial advisors’ product preferences and future portfolio construction plans
  • Evaluate product development trends in the industry and asset managers’ plans for innovation
  • Benchmark product management and development teams’ structure, staffing, roles, and responsibilities to an aggregate of similarly-sized asset managers
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