U.S. Product Marketing and Sales Organizations 2016: Using Data and Technology for More Intelligent Marketing

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In its ninth iteration, this annual report focuses on marketing and sales organizations, including structure, staffing, budgets, marketing programs, brand, advertising, websites, marketing technology, social media, and distribution trends. Additionally, the report examines how marketing organizations are evolving to align with the distribution team to effectively engage financial advisors in the face of a changing landscape.

Data included in this report is gathered from six proprietary surveys and multiple conversations with executives at asset management firms.

Reasons To Purchase:
  • Evaluate the rapidly changing asset management industry, and how marketers are facing the challenges of revenue compression, demand for passive, and changing macroeconomics
  • Understand how marketing and sales efforts are evolving to better engage clients and improve sales efforts
  • Assess the current technology being used by marketers, and how it is creating more efficient processes
  • Analyze the expansion of digital technology (e.g. email, website, social media, digital ads), and how firms are structuring their organizations to facilitate these evolving networks
  • Review how request for proposal (RFP) teams are addressing the challenge of higher volumes and shorter turnaround times
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