U.S. Outsourced Chief Investment Officer Function 2016: Opportunities for Providers to Support Institutional Investors Across Client Segments

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In its first iteration, this report is dedicated to the topic of the outsourced chief investment officer (OCIO) service model. It explores the evolving OCIO landscape, including market sizing, forces of growth, demand and needs across client segments, use of OCIO search consultants, and challenges facing providers. The report examines the range of service offerings, functions outsourced, the level of discretion ceded, specialty services provided, fee arrangements, and performance evaluation and reporting.

Data for this report comes from two proprietary surveys, as well as various quantitative and qualitative sources. More than 25 interviews were conducted with OCIO industry professionals from investment consulting, asset management, and dedicated OCIO firms, as well as institutional asset management distribution professionals prospecting with OCIOs.

Reasons To Purchase:
  • Understand the forces behind the growing use of the OCIO service model
  • Explore the OCIO provider landscape and evolution of service offerings to provide more customization and comprehensive services
  • Examine the use of search consultants and their influence over OCIO-intermediated assets
  • Identify future opportunities to support institutions across client segments under an OCIO service arrangement
  • Evaluate how asset managers’ institutional sales and service teams are structuring and engaging with providers to win OCIOintermediated assets
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