U.S. Financial Brands 2016: Navigating the Brand Engagement Process

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In this new report, Cerulli assesses the standing of U.S. financial firms in the minds of retail investors. By identifying the key criteria that affect the decisions of the investing public, this report serves as a guidebook to help financial product and services providers position themselves in the minds of their target market consumers in order to increase their marketshare potential over time. This report examines the role of financial services brands and their perceptions among investors in six areas, first from a strategic perspective, and then in dedicated chapters comparing and contrasting the results of consumer perceptions of more than 30 of the nation’s largest financial brands.

This report is the outcome of a partnership between Cerulli Associates and Phoenix Marketing International. It is primarily based on data from the Phoenix Marketing International Investor Services Study, and all qualitative analysis is provided by Cerulli.

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  • Understand the brand characteristics of investment services providers that are most appealing to current and prospective clients
  • Examine how consumers perceive financial firms and make investment decisions
  • Perform custom analysis of the companies and data elements of interest
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