U.S. Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance Investing 2017: Assessing True Client Demand for ESG Criteria

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In this new report, Cerulli examines the growing trend of environmental, social, and corporate governance (ESG) investing. In the report, Cerulli defines what constitutes an ESG investing framework and analyzes the various ways asset managers are incorporating ESG criteria into their investment methodology. The report not only assesses the true demand for ESG strategies among both retail and institutional client types, but also how asset managers can best position ESG strategies to their clients in a portfolio context. The report will uncover what kinds of vehicles and which audiences asset managers believe will offer the biggest opportunities for adoption. The report also assesses what elements of ESG matter most to investors and the methods asset managers can use when educating clients about how to implement ESG strategies into their portfolios.

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  • Understand how managers want to consider ESG issues—whether it be incorporating it into their investment analysis, or developing new products based on ESG-focused issues
  • Review the variety of ways ESG can be incorporated
  • Examine current demand for ESG strategies across various retail and institutional client segments
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