U.S. Subadvisory Markets 2017: Building and Maintaining Distribution Partnerships

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This new report explores the U.S. subadvisory landscape, and the key trends and market forces shaping the industry. It examines how subadvisors are finding mandates and the resources that are required. From the sponsor side, it analyzes current opportunities, challenges faced, and how firms search for and terminate subadvisor relationships. The report reviews how sponsor and subadvisor firms are strategically partnering to navigate obstacles and accumulate assets, and offers perspectives from each on the due diligence process, maintaining relationships, and strategies that are in demand. In addition, it dissects fees, profitability, and organizational structure across both sides of a subadvisory relationship.

The report’s analysis primarily focuses on long-term mutual funds (MFs), retail variable annuity products (both subadvisory and variable insurance trusts (VITs)), and exchange-traded funds (ETFs). With more than 80 research participants, data comes from research interviews and two proprietary surveys. Participants include subadvisory sponsors, VIT managers, MF subadvisors, ETF subadvisors, and variable annuity subadvisors.

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  • Understand how specific trends and factors will impact the U.S. subadvisory industry over the next three years and beyond
  • Review how subadvisors are approaching the market to win mandates and maintain relationships
  • Examine the process of developing and strengthening subadvisory relationships from the perspective of both subadvisors and sponsors
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