ESG and ETFs in Asia 2019: Assessing the Impact and Potential

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This new report examines the state of environmental, social, and governance (ESG) investing and exchange-traded fund (ETF) adoption in Asia. Both ESG and ETFs have been widely accepted in developed markets, although adoption in Asia is still nascent. Asia’s top institutions are leading the change in both areas, whereas the retail segment is just warming up to these ideas.

Covering the Asia-Pacific markets, this report evaluates developments in both ESG and ETFs in terms of products and mandates, usage of ESG and ETFs in investment portfolios, potential challenges, opportunities, and drivers for their long-term uptake. This report is divided into two sections: the first half covers ESG investments and the second section is on ETFs.

Reasons To Purchase:
  • Assess the challenges and opportunities in ESG investing faced by asset owners and managers throughout Asia
  • Examine ESG’s role in investment performance and the challenges associated with performance measurements
  • Understand the reasons and drivers behind the rise of passive investing
  • Look at how asset owners and managers use ETFs and what role they play in investment portfolios
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