U.S. Asset Allocation Model Portfolios 2020: How Models Fit into a Broader Portfolio Construction Solution Set

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This report explains how asset allocation model portfolios fit into a broader set of portfolio construction solutions that asset managers can offer to financial advisors to help them create a more scalable portfolio construction process. These other solutions broadly include portfolio construction consultants, technology tools, and custom asset allocation model portfolios. In the case of portfolio construction consultants, Cerulli helps asset managers determine how to optimally deploy these resources and judge their success. For technology tools, the report answers key questions regarding functionality offered and how to go about building the tools.

The report then takes a deep dive into asset allocation models covering model marketplaces, distribution strategy, staffing resources, model design, and service/support initiatives. It also looks at financial advisors by portfolio construction segment to better understand the addressable market for asset allocation model portfolios and other portfolio construction solutions. The advisor data includes a review of practice attributes of advisors across the various portfolio construction segments.

Reasons To Purchase:
  • Learn how asset managers and third-party strategists can position themselves to define an efficient and scalable portfolio construction services offering
  • Understand how firms can formulate and position an asset allocation model distribution strategy
  • Review the model provider landscape with a top-50 leaderboard, model design specifications, and methods of compensation
  • Gain insight into the types of model marketplaces and broker/dealer channel opportunity
  • Explore advisor product use metrics, practice attributes, and model costs
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